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Connect Groups

We know know that life is better together, but even more than that, the Christian life is meant to be lived in connection and community. We have connect groups available for anyone in our church to join. If you are interested in finding out more about the connect groups that we have available (relaunching in March 2021), please email us at


Over vision month 2021 we are introducing our new group leaders to everyone and giving opportunity for us all to consider which group will work best for us, and then sign-up for that group. Our groups will launch in March and start with a 10-week trial period, to see how the group works for everyone. Then we'll check-in, see how group life is progression, and hopefully continue on together for the rest of the year. If there's need for change, however, we'll re-position as needed. If you've got a group in mind to join, please email us at and we'll get things moving forward together..