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Our Story

About Ps. Rob & Beth

Rob and Beth Waugh are the founders of C3 Church Wentworthville which was planted out of C3 Church Carlingford in 2019. Having both grown up in Sydney, they love this city its rich culture and complexity. They believe that Christianity is most importantly about Jesus, discovering who He is and who He calls us to be. They believe that Jesus is about building His church for the sake of His world, and that His church is not a place but a hope-filled people doing life His way for the sake of the world. They also believe that Jesus' Church is at its best when it is serving and building the local community motivated by His great love. And that's where Wentworthville comes in.


Why Wentworthville?

Rob and Beth have lived in South Wentworthville for 7 years now and have established their family here now. They love the rich and diverse community that surrounds us here. Having both felt a call to serve God by building His church locally, they increasingly felt a sense of, "Why not Wentworthville?" By 2018, it was settled this in their hearts, and on Easter Sunday 2019 they planted C3 Church in Wentworthville with an exceptional and faith-filled team sent by C3 Church Carlingford. In the midst of complex times, the Church has grown and is culturally diverse with singles, families and a great range of ages represented!

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