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Celebrating our Nurturers!

After yesterday's heartwarming Mother's Day service, I’d love to reflect on the nurturing role that mothers and women play in our lives. While we celebrate the invaluable contributions of mothers, we also want to recognize the nurturing spirit exhibited by various women who may not be mothers themselves yet have profoundly impacted our lives.

Yesterday, I reminded us that all nurture finds its origins in God. As we delve into the pages of Genesis, we encounter the nurturing heart of God, exemplified in His seeking out of Adam and Eve, despite their sin-inspired mistakes. Even in their shame-filled state, God provided loving provisions, covering their nakedness, and guided them towards a better future.

Genesis 3 unveils the essence of nurturing: seeking out those in need, challenging them to take responsibility, and covering their shame with love and provision. This nurturing spirit is beautifully embodied by mothers, who tirelessly nurture their children, guiding them towards growth and development. However, it's essential to recognize that nurturing extends beyond biological motherhood; it is expressed powerfully by women in various roles in our lives.

Isn't some of the most profound nurturing experienced when we are found in our worst mistakes, challenged to take responsibility, and led towards a better future? This nurturing reflects the image of God and embodies His essence.

Our world craves this kind of nurturing—seeking, guiding, and lovingly supporting one another through life's challenges. Mothers and women in our lives have exemplified this nurturing spirit countless times, embodying the love and care of our Heavenly Father.

Today, we celebrate and honour all mothers and women, thanking them for imaging God's nurturing love to us. As recipients of their care and guidance, we pray for their continued strength, boldness, and capability in nurturing those around them.

To all the mothers and women, your nurturing spirit brings joy to our hearts and delight to our God. Keep nurturing, for you are truly making a difference in the world!


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