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Excel In The Grace Of Giving

Yesterday in church I told the story of Hattie May Wiatt. In the late 19th Century, through a simple act of faith as a 6-year-old girl, Hattie sparked a legacy that continues to impact lives today.

Living near the crowded Grace Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Hattie expressed her hope for a larger space. Tragically, she passed away, leaving behind 57 cents with a note: 'To help build bigger so that more children can go to Sunday school.' This small offering, multiplied by the grace of God, eventually would birth Temple University and Hospital, impacting thousands of lives still to this day!

Hattie May's story resonates with the sacrificial giving of the Macedonian Church in the

Apostle Paul's time. Despite facing severe trials and persecution, they demonstrated a remarkable grace of giving, inspiring Paul to urge another church, the Corinthians, to excel in this grace also.

We have now launched our Vision Builders offering, where we give above our tithe for the greater good. And the examples of Hattie May and the Macedonian Church challenge us. We have outlined a bold future direction for our church, calling for a purposeful commitment to see more people grow more like Jesus, collectively transforming our communities. But this is not possible without the grace of God.

And this is where the Macedonians, described in 2 Corinthians 8:1-15, demonstrate a powerful testimony for us to draw from - we hear how the grace of giving created overflowing joy, rich generosity, and an eagerness to serve the Lord's people even under great pressures.

Just as Hattie May and the Macedonian Church trusted in God's provision, we are called to let grace lead our financial lives. The counter-rational nature of this grace is powerfully testified to in this passage, challenging us to live generously even when faced with "cost of living pressures."

As we consider our Vision Builders offering, remember that our generosity contributes to sharing the Gospel, supporting communities in need, church planting, local and global missions, intern programs, and future property needs. The challenge is to excel in the grace of giving, building a testimony like the Macedonian Church. Our faith goal of $600,000 may seem beyond us, but it is not beyond the grace of God.

In this moment, let's seek the Lord together, gaining clarity on how we can participate in this act of grace. Just as Paul emphasized in 2 Corinthians, our gifts are acceptable according to what we willingly prepare to give. Let's embrace this opportunity to make a lasting impact, building a testimony that reflects the excellence of God's grace in our lives.


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