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Life Rebooted - The Big Picture

So what is God's ultimate goal for my life and this world?

This is the big question we finished the blog with last week. And it's the big question that should concern us if we're serious about our faith in Jesus. When I say concern us, I mean cause us to seek a clear enough answer to. I mean, if we're going to change in the best possible way, which this series is all about, are we not meant to be changing in the way God intends us to?

This question, however, is a very big question. And big questions are always fraught. Fraught with the problem of being answered too simply. Answered without enough nuance.

I believe, however, that the scriptures give us some really helpful and broad insights that go a fair way to answering this question. So let me, acknowledging this is a fraught challenge, finish this series by giving my answer.

So what is God's ultimate goal for my life and this world?

I would answer that God's ultimate goal for my life and this world is (1) to join Him (2) In His Kingdom Building Work (3) As New Creations in Christ (4) Being changed into the likeness of Jesus Christ as we go. Let's unpack this statement:

  1. To Join Him - We are those who were made by God to fulfil His purpose for the world (Genesis 1-2). We stuffed this up (Genesis 3), but God through Jesus has invited us back into being partners with Him in His good work in the world (Ephesians 2:1-10).

  2. In His Kingdom Building Work - The whole OT is about God being faithful in attempting to build a people who would be His Kingdom of Priests to the nations (Exodus 19:6). The Israelite's failed to live up to this, but Jesus came proclaiming that the Kingdom was now coming amongst us (Mark 1:15; Matt 3:2) and would soon be at work in our midst (Luke 17:21). And core to our praying, taught us by Jesus is this: "your Kingdom come, your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven." (Matthew 6:10). In other words, we are drawn into His Kingdom in order to prayerfully become Kingdom builders with Him.

  3. As New Creations in Christ - But what are we that join Him and build with Him? The New Testament declares that this Kingdom building work is a work of renewing the whole of Creation. And it starts with us (2 Corinthians 5:17). All this is made possible in us, and through us, because of Jesus.

  4. Increasingly Changing into the Image of Jesus Christ - As we Join God through Jesus in this New Creation Kingdom building work, we are being transformed to increasingly, in all things, take on the nature and passions of Jesus Christ Himself (Romans 8:29).

What a glorious, breathtaking, and high calling this is. And it is ours, without discrimination, by the grace of God. Take a moment to thank God for getting to be part of this. I know I am, right now!

Is this your ultimate goal?

Last week I acknowledged that knowing God's big goal for us can help us with our alignment issues (read HERE). Here is my initial attempt at articulating a clear and concise sense of God's big goal for us. Does this resonate with you? Does it evoke passion in you?

I know of no better way to build momentum in your life than to have clear what your overriding goal is - the goal that draws all of your other aims and ambitions into alignment with it. And no matter what you think of my answer above, having clear in your own heart what Your Creator and King aims for this world is essential to bringing this much needed alignment and momentum.

So what do I do with misalignment?

Misalignment between our ambitions and the God of the Universe necessarily involves prayerful reflection at His feet, seeking His clarifying wisdom and direction. I would suggest a few ways we may be misaligned include:

  • It could be you've not really considered the question in any great depth before. Nor how it impacts what you're aiming for.

  • Your motivations for your pursuits are out of alignment with God - James 4:1-3.

  • Your priorities are out of order with God's - 1 Timothy 6:17.

  • You could be experiencing the deceptive work of sin in your life - James 1:13-15.

  • You could be being tempted by our adversary - Matthew 4:1-11.

There are other possible challenges I could list. But in the end, the Lord Himself will reveal what is at play, if you are willing to come before Him to seek total alignment between yourself and Himself.

If I have found nothing else in my life, I have found the Lord to abound in helping grace and mercy towards me in helping me continue to grow more aligned with Him and His grand purposes. I know He will be no less so with you.

We're finishing this "Life Rebooted" series now. We'll lean into Advent from next week. I hope you've been given cause to consider how God is bringing about the best kind of change in your world through this series. And I pray it's brought you fresh faith, and empowering grace, to change in the ways God has you destined for!

Pressing into this Life - rebooted - with you this week and beyond!

Written by Ps. Rob


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