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Lockdown Toolkit - Part 2

"Over the next two weeks, we are going to explore some different strategies that will help you manage and even thrive in these uncertain times."

Wondering how to thrive in the midst of our current COVID-19 Restrictions? Here are this weeks 4 strategies, in full, to put in place or to reflect on in light of your current practices to help us all not simply survive but thrive in these current times:

  • Get some sunlight - God created this world in all of its beauty and glory (Genesis 1) and said that it was “good”. Spending time outside (while maintaining social distancing) is important for maintaining good mental and physical health.

  • Stay connected to others - God said that “it is not good for man to be alone” (Genesis 2:18). Remaining connected to your friends and family; whether it is through text messages, phone calls or online catch ups.

  • Try Mindfulness - Mindfulness is a form of meditation which is focused on being conscious of and observing the present moment while acknowledging and accepting one’s feeling, thoughts and physical sensation. God encourages us to “renew” our mind (Romans 12:2) and to schedule time to rest and relax (i.e. the Sabbath). There is an app called “Abide” which is a Christian Meditation App; alternatively you can visit here for some free audio recordings.

  • Seek support and help - Sometimes, no matter what we do, we need additional care and support. While turning to God will always help, God has also placed in our lives additional care and support. Even Moses was counselled by his father in law, who encouraged him to seek support from others (Exodus 18:14- 15). Talk to members of your care group, the church Pastors, your GP or visit Beyond Blue for a list national helplines and websites. Most importantly, if you feel you are in crisis, contact Lifeline (13 11 14) or the Mental Health Line (1800 011 511) for support.

Written and sourced by our Hospitality Leader, Ashleigh Crosilla (who is also a qualified Psychologist).


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