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P.R.A.Y | Journey's End or New Beginning? Applying Lessons from the Prayer Expedition So Far

As we continue down the path on our prayer expedition, we are going to pause on exploring the postures of prayer covered last week. This is not the end of our prayer journey together, but rather a new beginning. We will take the opportunity to P.R.A.Y through our vision month upcoming together. As we conclude this first part of the expedition together—let’s take a moment at this threshold to consider some helpful suggestions for the journey ahead:

Start Small: Incorporating the P.R.A.Y. rhythm into our daily lives isn't about rigid adherence but about cultivating an intimate conversation with God. Start small—perhaps dedicating a few minutes each day to pause, rejoice, ask, and yield. Let this rhythm shape your morning quiet time or punctuate moments throughout your day.

Stay Flexible: While P.R.A.Y. offers structure, don't confine your prayers within its boundaries. Allow room for spontaneity and creativity. Let your prayers flow naturally, embracing the rhythm as a guide rather than a rulebook.

P.R.A.Y with others: Explore incorporating the P.R.A.Y. rhythm into group settings. Whether it's a family prayer time, a Life Group gathering, or our Sunday services, invite others into this rhythmic journey. Share experiences, encourage one another, and witness the beauty of communal prayer.

Give Yourself Grace: Establishing a prayer rhythm takes time. Be patient with yourself. There will be days when the rhythm flows effortlessly and others where it feels disjointed. Embrace both, knowing that consistency in seeking God is more crucial than perfection in practice.

Go Beyond the Series: Our prayer journey doesn't conclude here. It's an ongoing odyssey—an invitation to deeper intimacy with God. Explore and share additional resources you find, seek mentors or prayer guides from within our community, and allow this journey to evolve and grow.

Pause and Reflect: Take time to reflect on how this prayer series has impacted your life so far. What revelations have you experienced? How has your prayer life evolved? Commit to action steps—small changes or adjustments—that align with the insights gained.

Remember, the Lord's Prayer isn't merely a set of words but a framed doorway into a conversation with God that evolves and deepens with every breath we take. The postures of prayer and the rhythm of P.R.A.Y. serve as guideposts on this magnificent journey, guiding us into deeper communion and understanding of our Lord.

From next week, we’re going to P.R.A.Y through our Vision Month together. I pray that the lessons learned will further take root in our hearts, shaping our daily interactions with God more powerfully and lastingly. Let's continue this journey—continually asking, seeking, and knocking on the door of the Father’s ever-present reality - knowing that He eagerly awaits to respond to us.

We’ll draw upon the rhythm of P.R.A.Y and the 9 postures drawn from the Lord’s prayer to pray into our Vision for 2024 together.

P.R.A.Y Resource - January 8th
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