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Simple Things - Big Changes

I want you to imagine a ladder. You are standing at the bottom of it, and the top represents the goal you wish to achieve. In between you and the goal are the rungs of the ladder. Now these rungs are really spaced out - each rung is about the height of you. This means that as you climb from rung to rung you have to stretch and jump and reach - risking falling back to the ground if you fail to catch hold of it.

Now think about a second ladder. Unlike the first ladder with the rungs spaced out; this ladder has the rungs close together; less than the length of your arm. This means it is easier to reach for the next step; you don't have to pull yourself up so hard and you can even comfortably take breaks as needed.

Considering this, which ladder do you think is going to help you reach your goal? The first one or the second? Personally, I would find the first ladder daunting and the fear of falling down too intimidating to start. Yes, it's less rungs overall; but it probably requires more expenditure to achieve the goal. Whereas the second ladder, although it has more steps is realistically more achievable. For me, it's less daunting, more achievable.

The sermon this week explored this idea of taking small steps to read the bible. As Andrew explained, rather than choosing to read the bible in a year (which personally, I have attempted and failed for the past 9 or so years), choosing to take small steps towards achieving this goal is a more realistic formula to success. Especially when you link it into the New Year "virtues" that we discussed a couple of weeks ago (click HERE to read that blog).

So, as you go about reading the bible and refreshing yourself through your connection with God; think about the analogy of a ladder. If you are finding that you are struggling to commit to your practice; maybe that means you have a rung too far out of reach and need to add another one in. On the other hand, if it is too easy, try stretching yourself a little more. But in both cases, I encourage you to listen and to trust God.

- Written by Ashleigh Crosilla.


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