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Spiritual Contributors

What does it mean to be nourished on the will of God?

What is your favorite food… or foods (why limit yourself to one!)?


Food delights our senses, satisfies longings and nourishes our bodies. Little wonder we get excited just thinking about our favorite foods.


Have you ever wondered, ‘What was Jesus’ favorite food?’


An unexpected answer comes as he explains his actions to his disciples in the Gospel of John:

Jesus found his greatest longings satisfied and his deepest needs nourished in doing the will of God.


Think about this for a moment. No matter how successful we think we may be, Jesus is telling us that we will live a malnourished life if we live without paying attention to what God is asking us to do.


In other words, to live a healthy and satisfying life, we need to make our priority to live like Jesus, seeking God’s will and doing it.


Here are some truths for you to consider about the food that is ‘doing the will of God’.

  1. It is not drive through fast food! God’s will is not designed around our convenience.

2. The recipe to make this food comes from God, he always has all the ingredients we will need, we will lack nothing.

3.  It takes time to learn to follow the recipe God gives us, and that’s ok. Every man and woman who seeks to follow God will make mistakes.

4. It is a meal that is prepared in the midst of life. We do God’s will among the mundane things of life, but God’s plans are never mundane. We don’t escape the routines of life, but we see them infused with God’s power and wisdom.

5. We all bring a unique contribution that God puts together as a banquet that will nourish us and others. Never think your contribution is anything more or anything less than the contribution of someone else… God is the one who puts it all together to make an abundant banquet.

We can take on the encouragement that Paul writes to the church in Corinth:

Let’s add ‘doing the will of God’ to our list of favorite foods!


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