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The Call to Devotion

The 75 Hard challenge, with over 2 Billion views on TikTok, involves a stringent regimen of exercise and self-development that calls for great dedication. The early church, however, exemplified a devotion far more eternally significant—a devotion ignited by the Holy Spirit.

Our contemporary culture celebrates various devotions, from wellness to career advancement. While these pursuits offer temporal gratification, they pale in comparison to our essential devotion to Jesus Christ.

As we anticipate Pentecost Sunday in our "Come Holy Spirit" series, let's delve into Acts 2 to unravel the essence of authentic devotion. In a world inundated with diverse pursuits, let's refocus our hearts on the ultimate devotion—to Jesus Christ.

Acts 2 unveils a community wholly devoted to apostolic teaching, fellowship, communion, and prayer. Their unwavering commitment stemmed from encountering the living God through the Holy Spirit.

As we reflect on Acts 2:42-47, let's assess the depth of our devotion. Amidst the clamour of competing priorities, do we prioritize Jesus above all else?

The early church's awe at God's active presence (Acts 2:43) in their midst prompts us to ask - when were we last awe-struck by God? The pursuit of awe lies at the heart of every devotion—yet true awe emanates from encountering the living God.

In our modern pursuits, we risk idolizing temporal devotions, mistaking them for ultimate fulfillment. The pursuit of such "mute idols" offers no lasting basis for identity, worth, and security; only devotion to Jesus Christ, the embodiment of infinite value Himself, can satisfy our souls.

The early church's devotion to Jesus was catalysed by His tangible presence through the Holy Spirit. Likewise, His promise remains unchanged—to be with us always (Matthew 28:20), indwelling us through the Spirit (John 14:23).

This revelation calls for a shift in devotion—repenting from deceptive pursuits and embracing Jesus as our supreme devotion. Through self-observation and prayer, we invite the Holy Spirit to transform our hearts, filling us with faith, hope, and love for Him.

As we journey towards Pentecost, let's recommit ourselves to Jesus Christ. Let's seek afresh the infilling of the Holy Spirit, birthing a Spirit-filled devotion that permeates every aspect of our lives.

Today, let's align our hearts Jesus – as our highest devotion. Let's pray for one another, inviting the Holy Spirit to empower us for a life of unwavering devotion to Jesus Christ.


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